Pre-Construction Consultation

     Through our 40 years of experience, we 
have discovered the best project and experiences
come from working closely with our clients, the 
architect or designer, the interior decorator, the 
engineer - The Team. We bring everyone necessary 
together, for you, to create the environment you 
planning, to assist with any perceived difficulties and 
budgeting, has proven time and again to be the most 
valuable way on the path to a great experience and 
bringing your idea's and your home to life.

     We also have been brought in, as a team member, 
by an owner or architect and are more than happy to 
work together with you in that capacity as well. Providing 
you what you want within your budget and time-line. 
Pre-construction check-list is a great tool to utilize before 
your remodeling begins. 

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