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Mountain View Mid-Century Makeover

Ross Road Ross Road Ross Road

The tight spaces created by the segmented style of this Mackey home gave these owners a lot of small spaces to live in. They loved the indoor-outdoor style of their home but needed more room. The interior was opened up by removing a center wall and fireplace. Full windows and glass doors at the front and the back of the house further extended, visually, the living space of this home and created a bright, open space.

The kitchen was shifted to one side and islands on wheels offered many different layout possibilities. White IKEA cabinets, colorful mosaic tiles, and walnut accents brightened the area and tied it into the living space by blending easily with the custom walnut built-ins (which provided hidden storage and served as furniture).

The bathroom was given an updated modern look with wood accents and floating cabinet and decorative cement floor tiles.

New wood floors and paint throughout completed this makeover.

Wood decks were installed around the house to allowing easy movement between the interior and exterior to capitalize on space and create nice floor for indoor/outdoor living.

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