Luxury Living

What are the appealing designs and features now?

Can you incorporate some into your home and will it add value??

Well friends I am here to tell you that size no longer matters

In fact many McMansion owners are now downsizing for what is inside the home, the character of the home and of course Location.

They are looking to bring family and friends closer together again. To have an area that is comfortable to be in and that you don't need roller skates to get around.

So, Location you cannot, no matter how hard you try, change the reputation of the neighborhood you are living in or looking at and where you live, as we all know speaks volumes-this is still important.

Secondly, the bones of the house, who is the architect and /or does it have a unique style component that is considered a little artsy? How about the builder do they have a good reputation for a solid foundation and high grade materials. A specialized home with a story, a reputation (award winning) are a plus.

What does the home have to have:

  • Comfort in the form of Technology- being able to control the home remotely for climate (nest or other), control lighting(electronic shades), the security (camera's and alarm systems) and of course, keyless entry.

  • Bringing the family closer but still allowing private space by having public and private area's separated. The idea is the separate the family and friends from the outside world AND also give each of them quiet space as needed.

    1. So you see master suites—longer term visitors, aging parents boomerang kids
    2. Cozier rooms that allow for quiet conversation, there are less two island HUGE kitchen
    3. How better to bring to relax and entertain your friends or spend quiet time with your family than in your yard-We are in California and indoor/outdoor living is huge
    4. The must haves:
      • A spacious functional outdoor kitchen with a wine chiller and a warming drawer
      • A fireplace or fire pit-picture your family and friends enjoying an evening by the fireside (and there are some cool ideas for bringing the fire element into your yard.
      • A wet bar to mix drinks
  • A fitness room This is HUGE allows the flexibility to work out on your own schedule and also be with your family in your own space.
  • Green, still can't get away from that word, Sustainable back to the technology issue what new products or building science can improve the efficiency of the house, give the owners better air quality and be controlled by technology.

    1. Nest
    2. Energy saving appliances-induction stove, eco-friendly washer and dryer settings, turning the oven on remotely
    3. Building sealed, insulated, efficient and well maintained heater and a/c system (turned on or off or checked remotely)
    4. Solar...ta da...where is everyone at with solar? Is it a good investment
  • At a minimum owners would like and energy rating report on the home. LEED is great and some will want that (a good topic for later) but at a minimum
  • Extra closet space/laundry room, extra ceiling height (up to 14' is good after that it seems to have diminishing returns).
  • Climate controlled garages and lifts (in some markets) and coating on the garage floors we are seeing that a lot.

So trend setters---what do you think??

Can you add any of these to your current home and help increase the sale price?

Hear Mike and Cindy discuss today at 4pm on RE360 1220 AM today Live!

(Mike you and I can discuss how we have projects that fit all of the criteria in homes through-out the valley to what extent does it help with sales)

Cindy-Technology-how much or how little for resale

And below the same:

Master suites, butlers pantries, outdoor kitchen, fire pits, fitness rooms, green, solar, sustainable, closet space/storage, laundry rooms, garages